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Larry Frederick makes a point in front of the group assembled at the MAG Sales facility in Tampa.

Tampa FL (08.31.12) – On Thursday night, August 9th, in Tampa Florida there was a Physics Seminar? For car audio retailers. Yeah…seems kind of dry and why would anyone want to attend. But Bill Freeman OF MAG Sales Tampa/Miami Florida convinced 30 dealers from all over north Florida to drive 2 hours for a 3 hour presentation (some drove over 3 hrs!!) . The presentation was given by Larry Frederick of Diamond Audio /Cerwin-Vega Mobile out of Chandler Arizona.

Many have attended Frederick’s seminars in the past as he has done thousands of presentations all over the world. But Freeman knew that his retailers needed a “kick start” to the upcoming selling season (Florida is weird in that their selling season is September to May, whereas most of the country is April till September).

Attendees pay close attention to Frederick’s comments as they enjoy a delicious slice of pizza.

Frederick’s seminar concentrated on the “Physics” of what we do every day. The whys, the hows and the what for’s. And how to take advantage of it and use it to the retailers advantage and solve problems. The way Frederick does it is probably the best part. He makes it a comedy act and rags on the dealers. Kind of like the Don Rickels, or Tosh.O of car audio, so to speak. He keeps it simple and gives really good information to solve EVERYDAY problems in a timely manner. For example using a real world story about a retailer who spent 4 days trying to solve an issue he showed these retailers how to do it in 20-30 minutes. The problem is they are not thinking of it logically, nor how it encompasses audio.

Mike Sajecki

Mike Sajecki Principal of MAG Sales commented, “Today’s 12volt retailer is drastically different than in years past. A “seasoned” installation veteran with 3-5 years experience might have never learned the tips and tricks that Larry teaches. Alarm bypass modules, universal wiring harnesses, aux input modules and adapters, etc. didn’t exist when I installed my first car stereo in 1986, yet are commonplace in today’s installation bay. Larry’s methods are no less important, but have never been learned by many of these newer installers. Helping to decipher the laws from theories, fact from opinion, his presentation style can easily relate to the newer generation of 12volt installers and salespeople. We NEED more people like Larry. The proof is here that our audience is hungry and wanting more and more knowledge. I’m happy to provide a platform for these trainings and make the investment into our dealers.”

Dealers taking a break during Frederick’s 3 hour session.

Bill Freeman /MAG Sales commemnted, “The whole idea is to keep the retailers and installers entertained, and pass REALLY good information that can help them, both in the bay, in the sales floor and in marketing themselves and their stores. Larry explained that following what he taught could save them over $50,000 a year in BS problems that never needed to happen.”

Mike Barcia from Maximum Audio Video in Tampa (top 12 retailers according to ME Magazine) stated, ” I was so excited after Larry’s seminar I came into work today all pumped up and ready to take on the world. I’ve been in car audio for over 25 years and I can say that this was the BEST training seminar I’ve ever been to. If I would have known what I was really getting from this training I would have made it mandatory for my 8 salesman and installers to be there. I can tell you this….Can’t wait for the next one.”

As the meeting wrapped up dealers shared some light moments.

Parish Tanner from Ocala Car Audio (another top 12 retailers according to ME Magazine) added “ I’ve been to Larry’s trainings before , but my guys haven’t so it was fun to see them with their mouths wide opened and their eyes about to fall our when Larry was giving the seminar. Priceless for sure. This should be mandatory for ALL car audio retailers.”

Frederick weaves Diamond Audio and Cerwin-Vega Mobile products throughout the seminar, but it is the overall information pertaining specifically to car audio that really shines thru. Bill Freeman of MAG sales knew it would help out his guys. And get the adrenaline flowing again. He was right.

Bill Freeman stated to 12voltnews.com,  “We all know that there is no need for what we do. As Larry will tell you we AIN’T selling Toilet paper or Toothpaste. We have to be on top of our game to make it out there. You have to be PRO ACTIVE, NOT passive”. The dealer needs to make it happen in his market. We’ll give you the tools to do it.

A big thanks to Bill Freeman,  and Mike Sajecki for their input on this article.

For more information contact Bill Freeman at Mag Sales – Bill@mag-ce.com or FaceBookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/242097002507039

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“Larry Frederick” is one of those names that car audio people have been dropping for decades.  Strangely enough, I was only fortunate enough to meet Larry about 5 years ago.  We had just picked up a new brand and Larry was the lead technical guru for this company!  Larry flew out to our store and spent 2 days training us on the new brand and car audio theory in general.  I thought I knew a lot until I met Larry!
He has a great way of making highly technical training’s extremely fun and entertaining AND it somehow seems to sink in!  He always has a great idea to share about how to implement his training’s into day to day business.  When talking to Larry it is very clear that he not only cares about this industry, but also cares a great deal about the people he is educating.  If I had to make a Top 5 list of go to people in this industry, Larry would be the first name I would add to this list!”


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