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1. Theres No Magic…Just Physic’s (3 -6 hour seminar)

  • Discussion on Power Flow in car audio and the ramifications of putting BIG power in a car and possible solutions.
  • Amplifiers and the different designs, Bi-Polar, FET,  Class A/B, Class D , Full Range Class D, etc. And why would anyone care!
  • Passive versus active crossovers?  What is 6 dB, 12dB, 18dB, Butterworth (and not the stuff for pancakes either) versus Bessel versus Linkwitz/Riley??
  • Speakers, especially subwoofers, and their need for enclosures and WHICH enclosure is the right one for YOU(or you client)!!
  • How to solve problems logically and quickly.
  • Tools of the trade and why you need them.(page for car audio test gear)

2. How to increase your business, make clients NOT customers (2-4 hour seminar)

  • Common things that 90% of ALL Car Audio retailers do,…that you do NOT want to do!!
  • Simple things that will create a need to be a client and NOT a customer.
  • Marketing – NOT advertising that WORKS and builds your business!!!

3. OEM integration the Hows and Whys (3-12 hour seminar -depending on in-car or not)

  • Why even bother…just change headunits?  Not so fast …lots of cars you can’t easily do that!
  • The beginning things to do from a SALES standpoint-  QUALIFYING!!!
  • Type of OEM?  Simple LOC’s or full on DSP units?

4. Tuning and trouble shooting car audio systems(3-12 hour seminar – depending on in-car or not)

  • Where to begin?  EQ?  Time alignment? Set up?  Phase??
  • Basics of gain structure and HOW to set gain CORRECTLY (page for gain setup)
  • Understanding basic audio concepts and how to use them to your advantage
  • Why you need an RTA and a Oscilloscope and better yet…HOW to use them EFFECTIVELY!!!
  • How to reduce tuning time down from 4 to 10 hours, down to an hour!! (seriously!)

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