Product Dev


Every car audio manaufacturer goes thru this every year.  What new product or idea can I get out there?  This is where I can help.

In the last 30 years I have developed over a 1,000 car audio products for multiple companies.  I have 5 – Design & Engineering  Awards from CES, and 2- US design patents

    • I developed the very first 3 band and 7 band EQ/Preamp (Audiomobile)
    • First 3 way electronic Crossover (Coustic XM-3), First 5 way Electronic Crossover(Coustic XM-5)
    • Designed ALL Coustic product from 1984-89 (Coustic 560/380/190, radios and speakers)
    • First 15 Band EQ with electronic crossover (Phoenix Gold EQ-215X)
    • First Line Driver for car audio (Phoenix Gold TBA-1)
    • Designed ALL Phoenix Gold electronic products from 1989-99 (MS/MPS/M series of amplifiers and ALL limited edition products)

I can give you a “fresh” unbiased look at your product and make suggestions

From “Napkin Doodling” to finished product , I can help

Napkin Doodling

Napkin “Doodling”

Services I can provide:

  • Conception of product
  • “Fleshing” out the product idea
  • Marketing research
  • Industrial Design (samples)
  • Sourcing
  • Box art
  • Logos (samples)
  • Technical renderings (samples)
  • Owners Manuals (samples)

If you need any of my services just click the button below to contact me for pricing, You’ll find my services to be very reasonable, and quick!

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