1KW VW and how to get more ..and MORE!

The following is an article that I wrote a long time ago for Car Audio magazine.  Back when there WERE car audio magazines (don’t get me started!)  Anyway…..its an “oldy” ….But…it still holds true even today.  Physics is physics and it hasn’t changed in 100’s of years (actually thousands, ……but whose counting!).  This article came about because of a tech phone call back in the 80’s!    When I worked at Coustic (yeah AMP380’s, 190’s my first surf board the AMP560, XM-3  )  Kid called and told me he had a buddy who was doing 140dB in his Volkswagen Bug and he wanted to do at least 6 dB more than him.  Anyway the article goes thru the whole discussion on how to accomplish that …in a BUG.     Read or download and enjoy.  Its a FUN read, trust me 🙂